Energy chairmassage:
Vitalize your business

"The art of relaxing is part of the art of working" John Steinbeck

Energy Chairmassage is an effective combination of deep tissue bodywork, Shiatsu and joint release. It will bring your shoulder, back, neck and joints back into motion. It also relieves the pain and tensions from the body, especially from repetitive tasks like computer work. This way, it increases the concentration and productivity at work.

A standard massages lasts 20 minutes. During this massage, you keep your clothes on. No oil is used. I come directly to you with a portable, comfortable massage chair, when and where you want: at work, trainings, congresses, fairs or to your house.

Milena at the Hard Rock Cafe, Amsterdam Hard Rock Cafe, Amsterdam, Mothers' day 2007

An investment for a healthy company

My energy chairmassage can be fully integrated with your office schedule, saving you time and travel. The costs of bringing chairmassage to your company are minimal - and they will pay themselves back. It is an effective way of preventing illnesses, and your employees will stay more attentive and concentrated throughout the working day.

Milena giving a session at Ride for a Cause Ride for a cause (


"After just one session I felt the blood flowing into my fingers, which had been numb for years because of RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury). I can warmly recommend Milena's chair massage." Mandy Sikkens, translator, Amsterdam

"After just 20 minutes on the chair, I feel physically and mentally strengthened and energized" M. Rose Müller, Datos GmbH, München

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Milena at the Tollwood festival, München Tollwood festival, München

Milena at Magna Plaza, Amsterdam Christmas fair in Magna Plaza, Amsterdam

At work on the chair

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