Holistic massage

Holistic massage combines different massage techniques to effectively bring your whole system into a balanced and stress-free state. It offers an experience of unity of the physical, emotional and spiritual level. You have the space to feel and enjoy the beauty of your own unique body.

Holistic massage uses gentle touch to invite you into a deep relaxation. Through light, yet very skilled manipulation of your body, you will experience a deep sense of letting go. Your energy flow will be reactivated through different massage techniques from joint release, tissue and deep tissue massage, trigger point and energy work (Reiki). The first session includes a rejuvenating foot reflex zone massage (reflexology).

Throughout the session, different pure organic oils are used to activate the skin blood circulation, to relax the muscle and the nervous system, and to support the flow of the lymphatic system.

Besides deep relaxation, holistic massage is also a learning experience. You learn to relax deep into yourself, and to breath deeply so that tension and stress in the body will melt away.

To treat yourself to a wonderful session, contact Milena for booking.

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Holistic massage: deep relaxation