Rebalancing is a form of body oriented awareness work, which brings people back into harmony with themselves, so they can live their essential unity of body, mind and heart. It works with a unique synthesis of connective tissue manipulation, joint release, energy and breath work, body awareness exercises as well as emotions and their expression.

It is a very powerful method to release deep-seated tensions in the body, mind and feelings. This happens through deep, slow and skilful strokes.

My experience

I have been practicing Rebalancing since 1986, after an intense training in this art of touch that was the base of my career as professional bodyworker. Though I have since mastered many other powerful and therapeutical healing methods, I will never forget my experience of that first Training in Rebalancing, both for my body and for my work.

The essence of Rebalancing is a loving, sensitive touch. Personally, I see the body as a beautiful gift, which needs and wants to be taken care of. It is ever so fascinating when I get to meet the uniqueness of a human being in a Rebalancing session.

Unlocking our hidden potential

Rebalancing sees the human body as much more than it's physical component, recognizing that the emotional, energetic, and mental aspects are of equal importance to the totality of man/woman.

As the body releases muscular rigidities and relaxes, the energy is set free to finally flow through. At the same time old and unconscious emotional and mental attitudes and patterns that keep us limited can come into our awareness. Through this experience we cultivate better understanding of ourselves and of our hidden potentials. We come closer to our innermost core, enabling us to live a life with more spontaneity and meaning.

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Hand and butterfly

Hand and butterfly